December Greetings

In two days the year will be coming to a close. How will you spend the remaining time?

Looking back on the past year, do you feel it was a good one?

There were many things that happened this year but two that come to mind are

Japan winning the Olympic bid and Mt. Fuji being selected as a world heritage site.

I am sure this happy news will bring a welcomed boost to tourism.

Thinking back, this year was truly a special and deeply meaningful year for me.

From this point forward we will continue to be ‘Steadfastly Devoted to being an Inn Worthy of Nara’

and all our staff will work to deliver service that will linger in our patrons’ memories.

Thanks to all of you we were able to safely make it through this year. We look forward to

having a long and fruitful relationship with you all.

                       Nara Park Shikitei

A greeting from our representative

There has been a cancellation at the beginning of the year.

Thank you for visiting our site.

This is a notification specifically for our site’s visitors.

For January 1st, 2014 of next year there has been a sudden cancellation.

We are taking reservations for this now.

Please call us for information on reservations and pricing.

Since we only have a small number of rooms available, we apologize if this fills up quickly.

                                                                      Nara Park Shikitei  

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On Festival













The 878th On festival

This festival is held every year from December 15th through the 18th. It is Japan’s oldest cultural performance arts festival.

Because this is an event the ceremonies differ from day to day, but the most well-known part of the festival is the departure of the emperor and walking ceremonies held on the 17th.


[A message from our staff]

These images were taken on the 17th. In the area around Sarusawa-ike pond and Kohfukuji temple various vendors line up to create an air alive with activity. The large number of vendors is more conspicuous than the On festival itself and may be the reason why so many young people come to visit. On a side note, our Shikitei facility is in the very back-left portion of the picture on the left. Please make use of our location during the next On festival.


Autumn Leaves in the Surrounding Area

Autumn Leaves

The pictures were taken in the Kohfukuji temple area on the 24th of November.


Because the cold visited us earlier than normal this year, the color and vividness of the leaves is a burning red.


If you are going to visit Nara, now is the time. We are awaiting your arrival.


[A message from our staff]

When talking about famous spots in Nara for viewing autumn leaves, you often hear the words Tanzan-jinja, Yoshino Mountain, Hase-dera, and Kasuga-taisha. However, 30 minutes by car from the Nara Prefectural Authority there is a hidden temple called Shouryaku-ji which is famous for its autumn leaves. If you come to Nara, we recommend you visit this spot.

Shouryaku-ji Temple










The 65th annual exhibition of the Shoso-in treasures

The 65th annual exhibition of the Shoso-in treasures


Date 2013/10/26 (Saturday)~11/11(Monday)

Time Open everyday during the exhibition period from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., last admission at 5:30 p.m. (Open until 7:00 p.m. on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays)

Place Nara National Museum, New Wing (approximately 10 minutes from Shikitei)

Admission Fees General Admission ¥1000, High School and University Students ¥700, Elementary and Junior High School Students ¥400







A message from out staff:

This is the 65th annual exhibition of the Shoso-in treasures. This year many treasures will be exhibited for the first time. Because much of the Shoso-in treasure has yet to be appraised, you can enjoy new discoveries with each coming year. This is welcome news for our guests. Although Shoso-in is great for morning visits, due to the many eager guests there is usually a long line. We recommend coming after 4:00 when the number of visitors has decreased. As some of you may know, the exhibit offers a discounted ‘Autumn Late Ticket’ for admissions after 4:30. We’ve heard there’s a commemorative gift as well.

Deer Antler Cutting

Deer Antler Cutting


2013/10/12 (Saturday), 13 (Sunday), 14 (Monday Holiday)

12:00 to 15:00 (Opens at 11:30, last admission at 14:30)

Will be held even in the event of light rain

Place: Nara Park

Spectator fee: 1000 for Adults 500 for Children




A message from our staff:

This year’s Deer Antler Cutting season is upon us. At first glance the ceremony may seem a little extreme, however it is said to be essential for keeping both the deer and visitors safe from harm. A ten minute walk from Shikitei, why not stop by while out for a stroll?

Uneme Festival


Uneme Festival 9/19

On the northwestern side of Sarusawa pond, there is a rarely seen backwards-facing shrine with the Torii gate at its back. This is Uneme shrine. According to the tale of Yamato, ‘this shrine was built to appease the spirit of a maiden-in-waiting, who after falling out of favor with the emperor, hung her clothes on a willow and entered the pond lamenting her loss. Being unable to bare the sight of the pond in which she cast herself, one morning the shrine was found facing the opposite direction’.

From 5:00 p.m. there is the Hanaougi offering procession, where 12 Uneme and Nara maidens, dressed in Tenpyou-era garb, parade through town in a drawn cart. From 6:00 p.m. after the Shinto priest from Kasuga Taisha Shrine performs a solemn ceremony, an offering of flowered-folding fans is made. At 7:00 p.m. two orchestral boats loaded with flowered-folding fans, their messengers, and maidens from Uneme and Nara, weave through over 40 floating lanterns to the traditional Japanese court music of the Nanto musical group. At the end of this festival the folding fans are thrown into Sarusawa pond.


Partially excerpted from the Nara City Tourist Association’s official site.

Please visit the Nara City Tourist Association’s homepage for further information.


A message from our staff:

Sarusawa pond, a 5 minute walk from Shikitei, is of limited space so it may be a little difficult to see with the large crowds. On the other hand, given its size, if you can get up close it feels as if you’re participating in the ceremony yourself. If you have the chance please take a look. 

We passed!

Japan Accommodation and Hospitality Examination Elementary level

Our employees passed their exam.

Not stopping here, we will continue to do our best to provide you with even better service.

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