Facility Guide
◆ Guide to Shikitei’s various facilities ◆
  • Entrance
    Set of three hanging scrolls. Written three generations prior by the head priest of Kofukuji temple, from left to right they read Zuiun, Furosen, and Hourai; all auspicious symbols from Chinese mythology.

  • Hanging Scrolls of the Four Seasons
    These are the works of elder Sagawa Myoushun of Toudai temple. He wrote the ‘Shiki’ used for our inn.

  • Japanese Garden
    The works of the Akahadayaki artisan Takeda Koumei can be found here. It was thought impossible to make finely cut pottery from Akahadayaki clay, but through the use of special techniques Mr. Takeda overcame this obstacle.

  • Seikouan
    Our ‘Tea Room’. For overnight guests and guests dining in our Japanese-style rooms, we offer a complimentary green tea served in our tea room.

  • Restaurant
    For guests coming exclusively for seated dining (lunch/dinner). Serving a variety of functions, you can also enjoy a complimentary drink here after your bath.

  • Furouyu
    With granite flooring and a tub made from Japanese cypress, this is our bathhouse. Open from 15:00-0:00 and 6:00-9:00, it can hold a maximum of 6 guests.

  • Hall
    Approximately 87 square meters, this spacious area can accommodate a maximum of 45 guests. It is also available for Buddhist memorial services. Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Earthen Floored Room
    The original rendition of Japanese artist Shida Bakusen’s ‘Shikitei’ is on display here.

  • Hallway
    Please enjoy a moment of comfort walking barefoot on the tatami flooring that covers our facility.

  • Souvenir Shop
    Located in our restaurant, we offer items such as locally-made Nara brushes, Nara pickles, and Shikitei’s original Akahadayaki pottery.